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HIV and STBBI testing

As soon as you start having sex with men, get tested for HIV and other STBBIs at least once a year. Have you had your test this year?


Risk in anal penetration

Anal sex includes all kinds of practices, including penetrating, getting penetrated, rimming, dipping and lots more. Some people like it all the time, other people sometimes, depending on the situation. The important thing is to respect yourself. Sex should feel good and be consensual…

sexe et consommation

Sex and drugs

You might like having sex on drugs (PnP, party and play, extended play, slamming, chemsex, etc.). Maybe you like drugs because they help you feel raunchier or less shy, extend your turn-on…

HIV testing

how is syphilis transmitted

In Québec, syphilis mostly affects men who have sex with men. Often, a person with a syphilis infection has no symptoms or doesn’t notice symptoms. From the moment you start having sex with men, get tested for syphilis at least once a year. Syphilis can be transmitted throug…

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Kink and BDSM

BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadomasochism) includes a range of activities, including role play, bondage and whipping. You may enjoy having your nipples pinched or dripping hot wax on your partner’s skin. If you’re engaging in BDSM activitie…


Public places, bathhouses and the internet

Does it turn you on to fuck in public places like bathrooms, parks and parking lots? If you have anal sex in public places, don’t forget condoms and lube. You can use a number of strategies to reduce your risk of HIV infection when you have anal sex…


Condoms, gloves and lube

Condoms and gloves are safe ways to protect yourself and protect your partners. Lubricant increases sensation and reduces irritation. How do you choose what type of condom or lube to use?


PrEP, medication before sex

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) is a highly effective strategy for preventing HIV. PrEP is an anti-HIV medication that an HIV-negative person takes before having sex to reduce the risk of getting an HIV infection. Read on to see whether this could be a good strategy for you!

Traitement VIH post sexe

PEP, treatment after sex

PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) is an emergency HIV treatment that must be taken as quickly as possible after you’re exposed to HIV in order to reduce the risk of infection.


Are you ready?

Because being Ready for Action means getting informed so you can preserve your sexual health.

Whether you’re gay, bisexual, or you just like to have sex with other men sometimes, and whether you’re cis or trans, you can have great sex that fulfills your desires and respects your limits. The number of partners you have, the types of practices you engage in, and having a closed or open relationship—none of these things need to stop you from being Ready for Action and setting your mind at ease while you’re having sexual adventures.

This site provides information to help you stay ready for action.