Getting some action

You like to fool around with one, two or several partners.

You’re aware that it’s not always possible to be 100% safe, that there’s always a level of risk, however minimal. This means you may sometimes choose to engage in practices you enjoy, in spite of the risks they involve. That’s part of what it means to be Ready for action.

Here, different types of sexual play are put in the context of the full set of health risks they could involve, and strategies are given to help reduce risk. You’ll find all the tools and information you’ll need to evaluate risk and make informed decisions. At first you might ask yourself why you should bother with protection when nothing is really safe, but it’s well worth it to give the recommendations we’ve provided a try. They’re easy to incorporate in your sex life, and you’ll probably find they quickly become second nature.

You may like to take drugs during sex (PNP, slam, chem session, etc.). Be aware that party drugs can affect your perception of risk. It can help to assess the risks you might be faced with ahead of time, and come up with ways to avoid or reduce them. That way you’ll be better prepared to stay on the right track when your judgment is affected.

Even high on E, you can still be Ready for action.

For more information on drugs and their effects, check out Drugs, alcohol and gay man, created by REZO