Saunas (or bathhouses) are places where men go to have sex, in many cases so that they can have anonymous sex with no expectation or commitment.


You can rent either a locker or a room with a lock where you can leave your personal items. In some saunas, you’re not allowed to walk around with your clothes on and you have to wear a towel, underwear, or some type of fetish clothing or accessories.

The same rules apply in saunas as anywhere else: the risk of infection varies depending on what you do. To learn more about different ways to reduce the risk of infection and how to choose the ones that best suit your needs, check out the Getting Some Action section.

If you like to take drugs when you have sex (pnp, long session, slam, etc.), be aware that drugs affect your perceptions of risk and this could lead you to make different decisions than you would make when you’re sober. Knowing the risks and identifying ways to reduce or avoid them ahead of time is very useful. This makes it possible to fall back on choices that you’ve already made once the drugs start to affect your judgment.


To learn more about substance use, sex, and gay culture, see the booklet from RÉZO, Drugs, Alcohol and Gay Men.