Frontal sex with penetration

If you are a trans man, it’s important to know that having frontal or anal sex without a condom, either with a flesh-and-blood penis or with a sex toy, is high risk for HIV and for other STBBIs.


Using at least one and preferably several other prevention methods can help you to reduce the risk. To avoid bacterial infections, make sure to change condoms or clean the penis or sex toy if you alternate between anal and frontal penetration.

If you use sex toys, cover them with a condom and make sure they are thoroughly cleaned between uses.

If you take hormones, there may be a decline in the natural lubrication produced by your body, which can increase the risk developing a lesion or sore. Be sure to use plenty of lube. If you take hormone injections, be aware that sharing needles is high risk for transmitting HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

If you have frontal sex with a person who produces sperm, you can still get pregnant even if you’re taking testosterone. If you want to avoid getting pregnant, different methods of contraception aside from condoms can be used, such the birth control pill or an IUD (intrauterine device). If you are exposed to sperm by accident, you can also use emergency oral contraception (commonly known as the “morning after pill”) within 72 hours of sex with ejaculation. This is available in pharmacies without a prescription.


You can find more information in PRIMED2  A Sex Guide for Trans Men Into Men. You can also contact ASTT(e)Q (Québec Trans Health Action).