Sadomasochism (S&M, BDSM)

Role playing games, S&M, bondage, whips, chains, clamps or just pouring hot wax on your partner’s skin are not activities where  HIV and other STBBIs can be transmitted. You can act out your preferred scenarios without worry, as long as you keep in mind the precautions mentioned in the other sections of this site when the scenarios you play out involve other, higher risk sexual practices.

Hard core practices causing skin lesions or bleeding, as well as practices involving surgical tools, can carry a significant risk of bacterial infection, as well as HIV or hepatitis C transmission. Make sure you’re familiar with the universal precautions you should be taking, and play out these scenarios with an experienced partner.

For more information on safe S&M practices, click here to check out the “Safer kinky sex” pamphlet on the CATIE website.

To familiarize yourself with some of the codes used in kink, visit the Wikipedia article on the Handkerchief code.



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