Oral sex

Kiss, make out (frenching, necking, sucking face)

Go ahead and make out with as many guys as you want. Kissing brings absolutely no risk of HIV transmission, as long as there’s no blood exchanged (as a result of lesions in the mouth, for example). The risk of contracting other sexually transmitted infections by kissing is also extremely low.

Giving or getting head (mouth to penis contact, fellatio, sucking cock, blow job)
Giving and receiving head is a low risk activity for HIV transmission, whether you’re with one partner or several. But the virus can still get into your system through lesions, ulcers and infections in the mouth, so it’s important to have good oral hygiene. Although blow jobs are not a high risk activity for the transmission of HIV, be aware that they can put you at risk for other STBBIs.


To protect yourself and reduce risk:
Keep your mouth healthy and avoid oral sex if you have sores, lesions, ulcers, gingivitis (inflamed gums) or any other infection.

Avoid brushing your teeth, or using dental floss or mouthwash for an hour BEFORE and an hour AFTER oral sex. This reduces the likelihood of lesions, irritations or blood in your mouth.

Avoid oral sex on the same day as a visit to the dentist.

Avoid taking cum in your mouth (see To swallow or not to swallow, it’s a question of taste).

When you’re getting tested for STBBIs, ask the doctor to take a throat sample.

You could also use a condom for oral sex; it can be flavoured or one without lube.


photo_sexe_oral05Rimming (anal/oral contact, anilingus, rim job, ass licking)

Rimming is a practice with a very low risk of HIV transmission, as long as there’s no blood exchanged (for example if one partner has lesions or irritations). The risk of other STBBIs is comparable to that of fellatio. This practice does involve an elevated risk for hepatitis A and B, but a preventative vaccine is available for both of these viruses. Speak to your doctor to find out more.

To protect yourself and lower the risk of transmission, you should follow the same precautions as for a blow job (fellatio). You also have the option of a dental dam (you can use a condom cut lengthwise, to make a latex square).