Public places

You like to have sex in public places: bathrooms, parks, parking lots.


Even if this turns you on, it’s important to remember that it’s against the law and you could be arrested by the police for public indecency. As well, the people you meet in bathrooms or parks might be mainly interested in your wallet or keychain.

To reduce the risk of being robbed, keep your valuables in the inside pocket of your coat or in a pocket that you can close with a zipper or button. If you’re in shorts and flip flops, leave your money in your car or at home, and keep your keys in your hand. Never leave your keys unsupervised. Hiding them in a tree trunk, under a rock, or on the wheel of your car isn’t necessarily a good idea. Someone could see you, and steal them. The same goes for your clothes. Getting stuck in the nude or not being able to retrieve your clothes could leave you in an embarrassing situation.

If you have anal sex in public places, don’t forget condoms and lube. If you tend not to have any condoms on you or you don’t like to use them, look into other prevention methods such as PrEP or testing. Giving someone a blow job or a hand job is low risk for HIV infection. However, there is some risk of contracting or transmitting other STBBIs like chlamydia or gonorrhoea.

If you’re a trans man and you like to engage in sex in public places, you can find more information in PRIMED A Sex Guide for Men Into Men. You can also contact ASTT(e)Q (Québec Trans Health Action).