You + your boyfriend

You’re in love! That’s awesome! In a relationship, we tend to abandon ourselves to the happiness we’re feeling, and the trust we have in the other person.

But should you also abandon the measures you put in place to protect yourself from STBBIs or HIV? Probably not. In fact, it should be just the opposite; out of concern for your partner and yourself, now is the time to think and talk about different ways to protect yourselves against HIV and other STBBIs. And we’d suggest that both you and your partner get tested before abandoning condoms. If you didn’t use a condom when you first got together, getting tested will let you know where you stand in terms of your HIV status, and allow you to treat any existing STBBIs.

In the case that one of you learns that he is living with HIV, you’ll find all the information you need to handle the news in the brochure Living positive, created by REZO. And you can always speak to an HIV counsellor.


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