Your doctor or nurse: the more they know, the better

Unsurprisingly, it’s important for you to feel at ease with the doctor or nurse who sees you for testing.

You need a certain level of comfort to be able to discuss your sex life openly. That’s not to say you should get into every detail of your sexual experiences, but you should make sure the person knows enough to be able to do whichever tests are necessary. Several tests require that a sample be taken from the area where the infection would be located. If you are getting fucked (penetrated, bottom, receptive partner, passive), the doctor will need to take a sample from the anus. If you don’t say anything, the doctor might not take that sample and you’ll lose the opportunity to get an accurate bill of health.

Don’t forget that healthcare professionals are required to adhere to strict professional confidentiality guidelines and regulations.

Getting tested

In Québec, we have community-based clinics, specialized medical clinics and CLSCs that offer testing and follow-up services, and where you can be sure to be treated with respect.


In Montreal

SPOT (rapid, free and anonymous HIV testing),
Community-based testing clinic
514-529-7768 (SPOT)

Offers testing and counselling services, as well as on-site testing clinics at certain saunas.

GAP-VIES, Testing clinic associated with the CLSC St-Léonard / St-Michel
Monday nights

Clinique médicale l’Actuel
514 524 1001

L’Actuel sur rue
Drop in testing clinic

Clinique médicale du Quartier Latin
514 285 5500

Clinique OPUS
514 787 6787 (OPUS)

Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont testing clinic
514 252 3814

In Quebec city

Offers community-based testing services
418 649 1720

In Mauricie

Sidaction Mauricie
Offers community-based testing services in Trois-Rivières
819 374 5740

In the Laurentians

Centre sida Amitié
Offers community-based testing services in St-Jérôme
450 431 6536

In the Eastern Townships

Offers community-based testing services in Sherbrooke
819 823 6704

In Outaouais

Le Bras Outaouais
Offers community-based testing services in Gatineau
819 776 2727

In Saguenay – Lac-St-Jean

Le MIENS-Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean
Offers community-based testing services
418 693 8983 / 1 800 463 3764


The vast majority of community-based HIV organizations also offer counselling services.


To find a testing location near you, enter your postal code in the search tool located in the right hand column.


All administrative regions of Québec must provide testing services for HIV and other STBBIs (these services are offered in centres called SIDEPs – Services intégrés de dépistage et de prévention des infections transmissibles sexuellement et par le sang). Generally, these services are provided by one or several CLSCs in the administrative region.

List of  SIDEP (Services intégrés de dépistage et de prévention des ITSSS).